Diving Championship will take place on Saturday, Jan. 26th at Sycamore High School.

  • 2:45 Senior Diver Recognition
  • 3:00 Meet begins

League Bowling Tournament will take place on Monday, Jan. 30th at Colerain Bowl.

Swimming Championship will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 1st at Keating Natatorium

  • 5:00 Meet begins

Congratulations to the Ursuline Academy Volleyball Program - Division I State Champions again!!!

Congratulations to all 50 women named to the High School Girls' Multisport Athletes.

Among the list from the GGCL are 15 women:
Donna Doellman (Our Lady of Angels, 1975), Chrissy Donovan (St. Ursula, 1999), Rosemary Glaser (Our Lady of Angels, 1939), Amanda Gruber (St. Ursula, 1994), Janet Haneberg (Seton, 1988), Jessica Hoeh (Roger Bacon, 2005), Christy Hoffman (McAuley, 1997), Jamie Kirch (Mercy ,1990), Nikki Kremer (Mercy, 1995), Megan McKnight (Badin, 1998), Monica Niemann (Ursuline, 1991), Beth Osterday (St. Ursula, 1996), Jo Ann Osterkamp (Seton, 1980), Connie Sontag (Mercy, 1970), Barb Volker (Seton, 1985).